My passion is presenting! Over the past ten years I have presented to 30,000 + individuals in over 1,000 paid seminars and keynotes throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, France and the Caribbean. I regularly make presentations to audiences ranging in size from 30 to 3,000 people in corporate boardrooms, hotel seminar rooms and international convention centers such as the ExCel center in London.

I’ve had the privilege of working with world-class organizations such as Norfolk Southern Corporation, Massachusetts General Hospital, National Geographic, Indiana State University, United States Army and many more. But my work is not limited to Fortune 500 companies and large institutions. I have a special passion for small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals in the real estate, network marketing, personal development, insurance and other sales related industries.

Prior to becoming an award winning professional speaker, trainer and salesperson, I learned the importance of communication skills when I started flying airplanes at the age of thirteen. I soloed on my sixteenth birthday becoming the youngest pilot in the United States at that time. Communicating professionally and effectively with air traffic control alongside veteran airline pilots was a big responsibility for a teenager.

At the age of nineteen, I learned the importance of assertive communication after graduating the police academy and becoming a police officer. As a detective, I learned how to use communication to build rapport with people to gather information needed to make arrests and close cases. I learned how to give professional presentations testifying in depositions and in courtrooms in front of judges and juries.

While working a security detail on the movie set Days of Thunder, I met actor Tom Cruise and became interested in acting. After a couple of acting classes, I appeared in several television series, commercials and theater productions. These experiences along with becoming the lead singer of a country music band taught me how to take a script or the words in a song and communicate it to an audience with passion. This is where I got my first lessons on stage presence and improvisation.

Several years later, everything I had learned on mindset and communicating under pressure was tested when I was nearly killed attempting to apprehend a violent felon. After shooting the suspect and realizing how close I had come to losing my life, I decided I wanted more. I started searching for a vehicle that would not only allow me to keep serving others but would also allow me to manifest success, wealth and abundance. I decided that real estate was the fastest way to achieve my new personal and professional goals. The next day I bought a TV infomercial course on no money down real estate and a book on sales from the book store. Several weeks later I made my very first sales presentation and walked away with a $3,000 profit. This was huge for a cop making $13 an hour.

Over the next nine months I continued to build my real estate business part time while still working as a police officer. I became a personal development junkie attending seminars and reading everything I could find on sales, business, leadership, success and persuasion. I gave hundreds of sales presentations over the phone and in person closing deal after deal. Within nine months of the shooting I was making up to $18,000 an hour. A 140,000% increase from my $13.00 an hour police job. This is when I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Over the next several years, I built several successful real estate and loss mitigation businesses becoming an expert in foreclosure short sales and creative real estate. During this period, I also developed some of the first foreclosure departments for several large real estate brokerage firms that were struggling to stay in business during the real estate crash of 2005.

In 2007, I created my training company Carrow Group International, LLC and started giving presentations to local real estate agents on how to make money with foreclosure short sales. Presentation topics expanded to sales, leadership, communication, customer service, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and more, and expanded to other industries worldwide. Today, CGI focusses on communication, public speaking and persuasive presentation skills training to a diverse range of industries.

My other interests include aviation, scuba diving, shooting, riding my motorcycle, singing, travel and helping others break into the speaking and training business. I live in Florida and have three beautiful children, an amazing granddaughter and a dog named Penelope.