Celebrity / Professional

“Robert Carrow is one of the most dynamic and effective speakers and trainers in America today.”

-Brian Tracy
Best Selling Author of Million Dollar Habits and The New Psychology of Achievement

“Robert Carrow delivers meaningful content with an energetic, interactive delivery. His goal in every presentation is to exceed expectations.”

-Dr. Tony Alessandra
Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Author of The Platinum Rule®

“Robert consistently delivers every presentation with three promises of success. The belief that you can be your best, do your best and feel your best, as long as you face your challenges with the courage to give it 100% and the willingness to begin the process -NOW!”

-Carol Price
Professional Speaker and Contributing Author to Three “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Books

“Robert Carrow is an extremely powerful speaker with tremendous platform skills. I personally watched him mesmerize an audience of 1,500 business leaders and was very impressed with his ability to engage and connect. Authentic and real world, I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker for any performance focused sales meeting.”

-Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman
Hall of Fame Speaker and Author of the National Bestseller Never Fly Solo

“Robert did a really good job of helping our team focus on the things we can do to improve our overall performance.”
-Congressman Steve Scalise
U.S. House of Representatives

Business / Association

“Robert Carrow kept a group of administrative assistants fully engaged and captivated (which is no small feat) from the beginning to the end of his presentation. Rob created an atmosphere of electricity, excitement, and encouragement which has persisted since the workshop . He has the ability to customize his training sessions and relate to a wide array of organizations. Our group is still talking about some of the golden nuggets Rob shared with us. Many of the assistants have put into practice positive changes to enhance their roles. Truly awesome!”

-Diane Stubblefield, CAP,OM
Organization of Administrative Professionals Leader
Texas Instruments Incorporated

“Our university hired Robert to present for the day on dealing with difficult people. Robert presented a high-energy information packed session. It was well received, and I would recommend Robert to other organizations.”

-Bradford L. Sims, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Technology
Indiana State University

“Robert did a fabulous job in dynamically reminding our people what is important for success. His real-world examples and simple but powerful message motivated our very diverse staff and had people talking long after he had gone.”

-Bonnie Michelman CPP CHPA
Massachusetts General Hospital

“Robert Carrow was selected to be the Keynote speaker for our 81st annual Florida Public Human Resources Association (FPHRA) conference and he also facilitated a whole-day intensive session for our HR masters track.

Robert is surely one of the most effortlessly competent, intelligent and professional people I personally have ever met. His passion for motivating change and goal achievement is evident in his dynamic and energetic style by which he shares his knowledge with the audience. Robert presented an entire day’s worth of motivational and inspirational material and engaged his audience without the typical “reading from the PowerPoint” style that so many speakers become dependent upon.

I unreservedly recommend this excellent coach and presenter to anyone contemplating a similar workshop or speaking engagement.”

-Jack Loring, President
Florida Public Human Resources Association (FPHRA)

Robert’s passion for speaking, high energy, engaging presentation style and ability to connect with audiences of all sizes make him both an educational and entertaining speaker. His message on transformational leadership and its professional and personal applications was beneficial to novice as well as experienced managers. Robert received rave reviews from all attendees, and I would highly recommend him for organizations seeking an accomplished speaker.

-Linda Kent
Human Resources Director
City of DeBary

I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for coming to the National Geographic Society to conduct your seminar on becoming better communicators. I have attended several seminars of the same topic (with different instructors) and did not get a lot out of them. When I went to Baltimore to attend your seminar, I left there feeling like I could communicate and get the most from anyone! I knew my team would also have the same experience if I could get you to do an in-house class.

Fast forward a few months, I was able to get you to come to NGS. I was hopeful my team would get even halve as much from the class as I did, as some were not there voluntarily. I was amazed that every single person in the group was extremely happy to have gotten the opportunity to meet and attend your seminar! Since you have left, I have noticed a difference in the communication level with my team !

Thank you again, you are truly an excellent, energetic speaker who knows how to keep everyone’s interest, and teach them how to become better communicators.”

-Frank Candore
National Geographic Society

“The Leadership Mastery workshop was really great! I found it to be very engaging, entertaining and informative. The tools Robert Carrow provided in the workshop can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

-Pam Rogers, HR Manager
Highlands County

“Robert’s energy is simply addicting. He is engaging right from the start and keeps your attention throughout the day. As an educator, it is very rare to see staff with so much energy and enthusiasm following a required training, and many said it was the best training they have ever received! Robert was very open to customizing the program to meet our training needs and incorporated all requests. Thank you Robert, for a very successful and meaningful program!”

-Robin L Ohkagawa RN BSN CPTC
Director, Education & Development Organ Donation Services
New England Organ Bank

“Robert. Thank you for taking the time to come into our agency and provide tips and strategies on how to better organize ourselves and be successful! You provided a powerful presentation that opened the minds of everyone in the room. You encouraged people to think about their own goals and priorities and to begin thinking about if their ambitions fall in line with the mission statement of our agency as a whole. You are an energetic, strong and dedicated speaker. Thank you for providing us with tools to use to build the future!”

-Anna Doland, M.Ed
Team Leader/Service Coordinator
Gulf Central Early Steps
Health Planning Council of Southwest Florida Inc.

“This training was engaging, energetic and very informative from start to finish. Never a dull moment. Not only did the training demonstrate techniques on dealing with unacceptable employee behavior, it gave us tools to use in everyday life. Excellent!!!!”

-Adrienne D. Brown
Learning, Development & Diversity Specialist
United States Postal Service

“Robert demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and integrity in the short period we worked together and contributed many new ideas to our group of supervisors and managers. Robert is an excellent trainer and I recommend him without reservation!”

-Robin Marley, SPHR
Human Resources Director
City of Fernandina Beach

“Thank you for a fabulous day of sales training! We were extremely pleased with your entertaining style of delivery and the results received after putting these new techniques into practice. Specifically, information on assessing customer/member personality styles before we try to sell to needs was especially enlightening. You inspired our employees to go deeper and learn about the member’s true issue, ask key questions, then move forward to solve problems. You did an exceptional job at addressing our needs! Our folks were glued to every word and your uplifting and entertaining style made the day breeze by. We look forward to working with you again!”

-Joanne Taylor
Sales, Service and Training
Leaders Credit Union

“I am writing this correspondence as my personal endorsement of Robert Carrow and his recent assistance to my agency. I had arranged for leadership training to be conducted this year within our department. The supervisory staff in our agency had received many hours of in-service and supplemental training but the leaders had not benefited from group training. I felt it critical that my entire command and supervisory staff receive this training at the same time. I communicated at length with Robert as to our specific goals and problems. He brought a package that addressed all of this and more. Our agency grew in the fact that as the material was presented you could see your counterparts and peers absorbing these new skills as you were. Robert brought his law enforcement experience to bear but did not trip over it. He made it clear that successful people have people skills. He made it clear that this formula was valid in law enforcement as well as the business markets. I would be glad to speak to any agency that is considering utilizing Robert for future seminars.”

-Kevin Palmer
Chief of Police
City of Winchester

“Robert, thank you again for your well received presentation at the annual ECA members meeting on Leadership. By popular demand from the members who were present in 2011 for your presentation on Customer Service and Negotiating Skills, we were thrilled to have you back for a second time at our 2012 annual meeting. All the comments I received were A++, with comments about how you tailored your educational message to our industry and how you were interesting, funny and dynamic in your delivery. You met and exceeded all our expectations and we look forward to having you speak at future events.”

-Don Taylor
Elevator Contractors of America

Coaching Clients

“Where would I be without Robert Carrow? Every time I look at my listing on Forbes 30 Under 30, I am reminded that none of it would have been possible without the training and skills that he instilled in me. What started as a simple coaching exercise manifested in real life. I met him just as I was preparing to lead my new business and he encouraged me to think differently about the way that I serve as a manager. His training has made me a better communicator and a more organized person. Because of this new way of thinking, I’ve dealt with obstacles more confidently and creatively.

Robert does not just provide management and leadership training, he is a life coach who helps transforms you into the best that you can possibly be. He taught me a new way of thinking and for that I am forever grateful. I can’t recommend him more highly.”

-Jasmine Jones
Miss DC USA 2016 | Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 | Founder & COO Cherry Blossom Intimates

“My life has changed so much since working with Robert. I had become so stagnate in my business and personal life. Robert motivated me to overcome obstacles and focus on the way to move past my fears and made me accountable for all my actions. He inspired me to reach my goals. Now I am living my dreams instead of just having ideas! Thank you, Robert, for changing my life and because you believed in me, I believed in myself.”

-Annette LaRue
Honored Among the Who’s Who of New Orleans Women in Business and One of the Top 50 Tattoo Artists You Should Know by ComplexMag.com

“Robert Carrow is a passionate, dynamic, compassionate coach. I contracted with Robert to coach me in increasing my sales revenue and improving my presentation skills. Robert understood my unique personality and was able to tailor his coaching style to help me to be successful. He used various modes of communication to interact with me and ensured me that I could always contact him when I needed assistance, which increased my confidence. Robert Carrow goes above and beyond to ensure success for his clients. On one occasion he came to a site where I was presenting, which was not home for him nor I to observe my presentation style and to demonstrate how I could improve. This was invaluable for me. I increased my sales from our first session and will continue to use the tools he provides. All professionals benefit by having a great coach. Robert Carrow is a GREAT coach who I will continue to use and who I highly recommend.”

-LaVeer Jovel
LaVeer Jovel & Associates

“I was having no sales success in my public seminars and was even considering finding another line of work. But I decided to call Robert and ask if he would coach me, and after only two sessions I went out and had my best sales week ever. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

-Brent Pye
Public Seminar Speaker

“I first met Robert Carrow when I attended one of his seminars. I was blown away by his mesmerizing presence as he spoke in front of a large group. He captivated the audience. I immediately knew that my goal was to someday speak like him.

After I received a contract from a seminar company, I got off to a very shaky start. I knew I had a message to share and the knowledge to back it up but lacked the sales and presentation skills needed to be successful as a public seminar trainer.

In danger of losing my contract, I contacted Robert Carrow and asked him to coach me. After just one session with Robert it had an immediate and positive impact on my sales. He then helped me totally rework my presentation and taught me powerful sales and presentation skills that were easy to incorporate into my personality style.

As I continue to improve upon my skills, Robert has the keen sense to make the right adjustments during the coaching process. Not only does he provide the practical tools to succeed, it’s apparent to me that he truly cares. He is available to me when I need his advice as to how to handle any challenging situation. Today my sales are steadily increasing, and I’m booked solid.

If you’re a contract trainer who wants to increase sales, give more powerful presentations and reduce stress, contact Robert. I did, and it was one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made.”

-Susan Michel
Professional Speaker / Model

Seminar Attendees

“Robert is a great trainer and facilitator. I’ve attended one of his day-long workshops, and was impressed by his ability to continuously engage the audience. He has the ability to truly motivate people and offer a solution that’s a perfect fit. Robert’s individualized approach helps you enter your coachable mode and be more receptive to his suggestions for your personal and professional growth.”

-Vitalina Rozenfeld

“Robert gave a seminar on Dealing with Difficult Employees. He brought many real-life examples and was very motivating. He is a great trainer and a fantastic person. I highly recommend him. Much of what I learned I have implemented at the office. His training has made me a better manager!”
-Alan Boord

“I attended Robert’s Communication workshop last fall. I had attended a similar workshop 20 years ago. Being young at the time, I failed to realize the importance of different communication styles & the significant effect my style (direct) has on other people & my work. Robert is very insightful & energetic. He pegged me as a direct communicator the moment I walked into the room! He is an engaging coach & instructor & brings great enthusiasm & positivity to the discussion. The workshop was much more than I expected & this time the message stuck. My learning was elevated as a result of Robert’s facilitation of the class and the interactive tactics he uses to coach others. I highly recommend his services.

-Stacy Meadows

“Robert. Just a quick e-mail to let you know I am still using the techniques I acquired. I had a redress with my superiors yesterday prior to the redress I had been listening to the CD’s about resolving conflict while I travel. The session lasted 4 hours. Prior to the session I wrote a resolution to the situation. After having discussed all of the issues that needed to be addressed I had almost forgotten about the resolution. In my one on one with the mediator I remembered the resolution, whipped it out for her review, discussed a few changes and basically got what I wanted from the session. Now that’s not only God but reinforced training as you reiterated in your training. Again, I say thank you!”

-Yasmin Harris

“I really enjoyed the seminar and am sure it will help me be a better manager. It’s funny, I didn’t feel out of place at your seminar after saying something about people without degrees, thanks.”

-George Mackie

“Robert Carrow is one of the best motivational speakers I have ever heard. Would gladly go listen to him again.”
-Donna J. Abel

“Robert made the presentation exciting and fun. I would definitely go to another seminar that he offered.”

-Valerie Winchester

“Robert’s presentation not only fueled my desire to be a better manager in the workplace, but also a better father at home!”

Kyle Wieck

“Robert brings out the leader in everyone. By learning my personality style, its strengths and weaknesses, I learned to focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.”

-Daphne McClain

“The Robert Carrow course will improve several aspects of your life if the attendees utilize the information.”

-Deborah J. Thomas

“This presentation was a great experience that showed key concepts to achieve success.”

-Andrew Reuther

“This is by far the best seminar I have ever attended!”

-Jwana A. Gunn

“One of, if not the best speaker I’ve heard. Very good speaking skills and a very good message.”

-Gary A. Huff

“The high energy level of Robert Carrow is a refreshing and new spin on motivational speaking.”

-Stephen Bell

“Another excellent presentation in this series of courses.”

-Richard Riley Ph.D.

“You can’t blink or you will miss something!”

-John A. Haley

“I was at your “difficult people” seminar in Charleston this past week. I had to run and didn’t give much feedback. I wanted you to know how profound the day was for me. My coworkers and I go to lots of seminars together because we like the time together and away from the office. This was the first time we all loved it. I’m used to leaving with lots of doodling/shopping lists in my margins, some interesting info, not much take-home, and NEVER anything holistic, inspirational and life-changing. Until Friday.

I was reminded of the parts of me that I value the most that have been buried lately. Like for a lot of years. Today, I drove over a river in the early morning light that was covered with thousands of blooming lotus flowers. The kind of thing I used to see often, and I guess have been numb to lately. I felt like I was transported to Thailand. Anyway, it had me crying both because it was so beautiful and because I was so happy to have my sense of wonder returning. I credit you with waking that up. How did I not notice that it was gone?

Shopping last night, I ran into (literally) an end-cap with the audio book version of ‘the Secret.’ I took your advice and bought it. I couldn’t find my book and had a long drive to FL today to pick up my son. I listened to it all day, starting it just before the lotus field. It ended when I pulled back into my driveway. That kind of synchronicity tells me that I’m back on track!

I certainly wasn’t expecting a spiritual tune-up but got one. It was interesting to me that you are able to connect with people on whatever level they need. My friends and I are at very different places in our lives, and we all took very different things away. I’ve only had one teacher before that was able to do that–teach on different levels simultaneously. She explained calculus to me by talking about the stars. Then I was able to get it. Others got the number stuff that confused me. I think we all got A’s because she was able to individualize her lessons to reach each of us. You seem to have that same gift.

I thought today of what I’m taking back. At our next staff meeting, I’m taking a stack of magazines, scissors and glue, so we can make our own unit Vision Board. Personally, it has always bothered me how focused the organization is on ‘Patient Satisfaction Scores’. Almost more important than the people behind them–like trying to eat a menu. What I CAN get excited about focusing on is loving up the children and seeing smiling, happy faces in our clinic. Then the kids are the focus, and the numbers just take care of themselves. So I’m cutting out happy, laughing faces. I’m excited to see what the others come up with, what we can create together.

And puppies! I’ve been griping about the poop, and forgot how much I love puppies…

Thank you for bringing me back to myself. It’s the first time I’ve understood the expression, “brought to my senses.” That’s what you did for me Friday! I wanted to give you more feedback because the day warranted it. It was really special. Thank you so much.”

-Johnna Jackson

“I want to thank you for being an asset to my life. You can tell that you are a man of GOD. I thank you for yielding your life unto him and being used to bless many of people. Your class on last Thursday and Friday was truly outstanding. When I got to prayer on Saturday, the elder’s scripture was based on the one you used about the keys. What a confirmation. You were sent as an angel to me. Not only did you minister to me in the working world, but my own personal life as well. Please know that you are a blessing to many of people Robert, and your passion for what you do is so obvious. Thanks again and may the peace of God and his FAVOR MANIFEST in your everyday life.”

-Katina Engram